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Beaujolais Paris Perfect
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We are a team of designers in Paris, helping clients who are passionate about the City of Light realize their dream of becoming homeowners in this amazing city and surrounding  country.

If you have the dream but lack the resources to bring it to life, we will help you find, renovate and furnish your pied-à-terre (or petit Palais) in Paris and beyond.  Our Paris based team will manage your projects so that you can enjoy the process stress-free and arrive to a fully renovated and furnished apartment, “Clé en main.”

We offer several levels of design services that run the gamut from dream to reality! We’ll help you find, renovate, decorate and move in to your new home in France.  Or we’ll help you refurbish an existing home to meet your needs. 

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Every project is different, but they all start with the same goal:  Understanding your design needs, reviewing your objectives and putting a plan in place to meet these needs. We speak your language, literally and figuratively, and our specialty is translating your design objectives into the complexities of renovating in a foreign country. 

Opening our own Showroom in Paris was bound to happen, not just as a dream come true for two francophiles who needed an excuse to spend more time in this beautiful city, but truly as a service to clients purchasing homes in France.

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