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If you’re visiting Paris, along with 30 million other visitors per year, you’ll be doing the highlights like the ones we’ve outlined here.  But if you have your own apartment, you’ll want to live here like a native.  Here’s what we think that feels like:


Living like a native means ... 

  • Visiting the same boulangerie every day, so that the salesperson knows what to get for you even before you ask, with that barely noticeable look that says, “Bonjour, I recognize you.”

  • Ditto for the café you go to several days a week.  No need to order.  It’ll just arrive.

  • Having a metro card and knowing all the metros and bus lines that get you anywhere in Paris

  • When calculating the distance on google maps or RATP, it’ll default to your address, home.

  • Taking your shopping caddy to the farmer’s markets several times a week instead of buying your fresh foods from the grocery store

  • Eating at restaurants where the menu is only in French

  • Thinking of your neighborhood as a village inside a big city

  • Walking everywhere, eating well and somehow not gaining weight

  • Having a mobile phone with an 06 prefix and learning to say it perfectly in French

  • Bragging about your French phone bill to your friends back home

  • Becoming a Friend of the American Library and attending some of their many special events during the year

  • Joining one of the places of worship in Paris and enjoying it when they greet you by name

  • Having a hairdresser who knows you by name and being tempted back home to use the phrase,  “I’m just waiting for Delphine to cut my hair in Paris.”

  • Ditto for all your pharmacy and personal care products: “I buy them in Paris.”

  • Joining expat organizations and attending some of the many experiences that they offer

  • Supporting the arts, whether it’s the ballet, the Friends of the Louvre, the opera, or many others and enjoying the Members Only privileges.

  • Not owning a car and realizing you don’t miss it

  • Scouring the local paper for weekend fairs and events around Paris to find a set of silver spoons or a vintage Hermes scarf

  • Attending concerts at churches (for free) almost any day of the week

  • Receiving the weekly email from the Maire of your arrondissement to inform you about special events

  • Signing up for lessons at the local Mairie or any of the many organizations

  • Buying a membership to a fitness studio and planning to use it

  • Having a favorite massage therapist who knows your pressure points

  • Having a regular doctor or dentist and being amazed at the invoice, even without insurance

  • Ditto for a pedicurist (which is totally different from getting a pedicure back home)

  • Having an account online with the French government and knowing your way around it

  • Complaining about French bureaucrazy and paperwork at least once a day

  • Learning to say, “Boeuf” with a shrug and peppering your phrases in English with, “non?”

  • Having your name on the mailbox and befriending the Gardienne

  • Using the word, “Syndic” and knowing what it means

  • Offering to help a lost tourist looking for directions

  • Referring to your Paris apartment as “Home”

  • Hearing yourself say, “Let’s not go there; too many tourists”

  • Realizing you’re no longer one of the 30 million, but an actual Parisian.

If this sounds like a dream come true (it was, for us!) then we can help you bring it to life. 
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