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Whether revealing a complete renovation or a refurbished design,
we always think a"before and after" tells the best story. 
Here are some we've done in Paris, Provence and Florence.    


This was a typical Haussmann apartment, with the kitchen in the back and "living" on the street.  We flipped the apartment, moving the kitchen to capture the light and gain more space.

From our client who bought a one-bedroom dark apartment, the brief was brief: Make it fun, sexy with touches of pink and leopard print! Our client is thrilled (and we had all the fun!).

The layout here was so convoluted that we had to take it all apart before we could refigure it all together! We flipped it all completely, moved the kitchen, created two separate bedrooms and doubled the living space.

The bones of this apartment were wonderful but the space needed to be reconfigured and everything updated.  For the floors, we chose a marvelous parquet de Versailles that feels like it's been there forever.  The apartment is now bright, cheerful and extremely comfortable. 

This was one of our favorite challenges: Creating two bedrooms in the space of one and overcoming the naysayers who said it couldn't be!  (It worked!)

This apartment had wonderful bones but needed to be completely rearranged, with the kitchen replacing the bathroom and the LR/DR opened up to a gorgeous south facing balcony and view.

Les Murets, in Provence, has gone through a few transformations in the last few years, the most recent ones involving the kitchen, living room and pool house.  For complete pictures of the property, visit Les Murets.

This was such an ugly duckling that even we were doubters at first. But with imagination, mood boards and a supportive client, this Florentine project came together as beautifully as we had dreamed.  Visit Maestro for more information.

One of the rare projects that could've survived without a major renovation, we have our client to thank for pushing to do it right from the start. And boy was it worth it!

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