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We thought we'd found the perfect apartment for a couple who were in town for 24 hours, but when we called about the ad, the agent replied that the apartment had just gone under contract. However she had another quiet listing that she could show us later that day.  She called us in the evening to say that she had the listing, and we headed right over to look at it.  It was a gorgeous apartment that we thought would be perfect for our clients' needs so we asked to have them see it first thing in the morning.  She squeezed us in between two appointments and told us she was pretty sure she’d have multiple offers.

The next morning, just hours before returning to the U.S., our clients saw it, loved it and made an offer right then and there.  When we left the listing, another couple was waiting outside the door, and I could hardly contain my excitement that our clients had gotten in first. 


These clients are lovely and the whole experience has been positive from day one.  We’ll share pictures when we can but this is a great reminder to us how vital it is to be on the ground and ready to respond when the need arises, especially when it's an off-market offering. 

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