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Our passion for creating beautiful, timeless designs, from Huff Harrington Home in Atlanta, has led us to expand our firm to Europe, and to offer you the same level of comfort and aesthetics that you are accustomed to at home.

We have a great little team of Huff Harrington designers on the ground in Paris and Italy, who speak your language, figuratively and literally. And when we need a little more help we call on our very capable design group in the U.S. (who for some reason are always quick to raise their hands!).

Meet the Team


Ann Huff


Meg Harrington

Co-Owner and Designer

Ann Huff has had dreams of being an interior designer ever since she created her first mood board, at age seven, using cut outs from the Sears catalog and repeatedly asking Santa for wall-to-wall carpeting. The dream was diverted during many years of corporate marketing but came true on the day that she and Bill Huff bought their first properties in France, over 20 years ago. 

When the publishing of her house in Provence and apartment in Paris reached an audience of fellow Francophiles, Ann’s design services began to be sought after, especially in France.  As she and Meg established and grew the Huff Harrington Art, Home and Design businesses in Atlanta, they discovered there was an equal opportunity to expand the design services full-time in France.  Ann’s final decision to represent Huff Harrington Design in France was driven by a love of Paris and a desire to help others navigate the challenging and complicated process of owning, renovating and decorating real estate in France. 


Julie Cadé

Project manager and designer

Julie has renovated and furnished over 30 Paris apartments in the last fifteen years, initially as head of Operations for A la Carte Paris, and then with her own company, Julie Cade Conseils et Services. With a background as a journalist, and an inquisitive mind that loves a challenge, Julie has spent years asking questions of all her “subs” to learn the ins and outs of renovations and find creative solutions for every client’s needs.  


Julie is our resident French person who not only has taught us how to navigate the reams of French paperwork but gently accepts our not so veiled frustrations with French “Bureaucrazy.” She claims that her incredible organizational skills are the result of parenting three busy boys, but we believe the story that she used to pay her brother for permission to clean and organize his room!  For us, Julie’s lovely obsessiveness, attention to detail, knowledge of construction, renovation experience, design ability combined with a great creative mind makes for the perfect Project Manager and a dream team partner.

Enrico B&W_edited_edited.jpg

Enrico Gandolfi


Enrico is our talented, kind and conscientious architect who brings fresh ideas and solutions to our dreams and is able to translate them into concrete plans for clients and contractors alike.. The duo team of Chiara and Enrico have created some world-class designs that push us all to think outside the four walls and keep us on our toes in a most energizing way.


Meg Harrington has known a thing or two about renovations, having grown up in five different countries in Europe with an artistic mother who collected unique objects and created beautiful interiors wherever they lived.  Meg has created her own beautiful renovations, and through trial and error, has learned the importance of hiring the best contractors who have proven problem solving skills. Her iconic “Nest” home was published and recirculated so many times that there is a cheat sheet with the paint colors and renovation tips for everyone who calls our store to inquire. 

Although her home base is Atlanta, overseeing the Huff Harrington flagship (which we like to call “HQ”), Meg is the first to jump on a plane whenever she gets the call to help buy for a project or manage some of the subs in France. While she may not always be involved in the project from beginning to end, she is included in all the major decisions and the Paris team knows that she is only a zoom call away. 

Chiara Zanella.jpg

Chiara Zanella

Senior designer 

When we were lucky enough to land multiple design projects in Florence and Rome, we may have quietly panicked a little until we found Chiara!  That’s when we realized that our real luck was finding a fabulous designer who not only speaks our language, both figuratively and literally, but totally embraces the same design aesthetic. 

I remember loving everything about Chiara’s design portfolio when I secretly pored over after detail after we first met.  What I didn’t realize, until we started working together, was her passion for perfection and relentless attention to detail, even if it meant long hours and physical work.  We are so grateful that our collaboration with Chiara has now continued with our Paris projects, and we welcome both her creative designs and the managing of our Italian workroom, so that we can offer unique custom upholstery to our clients with the highest quality workmanship and most attractive prices.

Libby bw.jpeg

Libby Malcolm

Design Assistant and Store Manager

Libby is our newest Huff’ington in Paris, our store manager and overall assistant designer, who speaks flawless French with a perfect Alabama drawl, knows Paris like the back of her hand, and exudes Southern hospitality and “la vie est belle” with her warm and welcoming smile at our design studio and boutique. 

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