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Our goal is to make it easy for you and to provide upfront an overall sense of what your project will cost and how long it will take. After an initial conversation to understand your needs, whether it's home furnishings or a complete renovation, we will provide you with a contract which  includes a contractor management fee, an admin fee for all the purchases, and a creative fee, for the vision, plan and design of the project.


Once the contract is signed with us and with the contractor, we provide you with an “onboarding” document which outlines expectations, spells out the fee schedule by month and provides the timing by month so that you can plan your visits and financial commitments accordingly.


During the renovation, we visit the job sites weekly and are your eyes and ears with the contractor and if necessary, the Syndic (or condo association).  Knowing that you are long-distance, we adjust to your needs and expectations.  Some clients want to be included in all of the decisions, but most have hired us because they’ve seen the work and give us a fair amount of rope.

Most of the interior design portion is based on your needs, tastes and expectations. We work primarily off of moodboards to provide our ideas for what will work and give you choices in the style, color and finishes. We primarly provide custom upholstery and drapes, and will often source one-of-a-kind antiques, lighting and art to complement the contemporary pieces. 

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