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Our goal is to make it easy for you and to provide upfront an overall sense of what your project will cost and how long it will take. After an initial conversation to understand your needs, whether it's home furnishings or a complete renovation, we will provide you with a contract which  includes a contractor management fee, an admin fee for all the purchases, and a creative fee, for the vision, plan and design of the project.


Once the contract is signed with us and with the contractor, we provide you with an “onboarding” document which outlines expectations, spells out the fee schedule by month and provides the timing by month so that you can plan your visits and financial commitments accordingly.


During the renovation, we visit the job sites weekly and are your eyes and ears with the contractor and if necessary, the Syndic (or condo association).  Knowing that you are long-distance, we adjust to your needs and expectations.  Some clients want to be included in all of the decisions, but most have hired us because they’ve seen the work and give us a fair amount of rope.

Most of the interior design portion is based on your needs, tastes and expectations. We work primarily off of moodboards to provide our ideas for what will work and give you choices in the style, color and finishes. We primarly provide custom upholstery and drapes, and will often source one-of-a-kind antiques, lighting and art to complement the contemporary pieces. 

what our clients have to say...

After dreaming about an apartment in Paris, Michael and Jackie finally got their dream home.  But the one they found needed a complete renovation: “ Ann immediately saw the potential and suggested turning a small bedroom and living room into one large living/dining area, and swapping the kitchen and bathroom. It was absolutely the right call, and transformed the apartment completely.


“When we arrived to finally live in our new apartment it truly was magic. We were smiling non-stop and saying things like, “Can you really believe this is ours?” The furnishings are impeccable, and the details so well thought-out. We were basically able to move in and begin living here immediately, with nothing else required. It was so much better than we could have hoped for. The team at Huff-Harrington, Ann, Julie and Kiana, did a stellar job!”


“I didn’t even meet Ann or or her team before I hired them  - I could tell by her work she was a true professional, the real deal of design. Clearly she knew France and specifically, beautiful design. 


She was in France and I in  Seattle. I did extensive research on Huff Harrington and reviewed all their posted projects. I was amazed at their creations and her design look was in total alignment with what I was looking for - Paris Perfection. 


I decided I wouldn’t buy an apartment in Paris unless she approved and was willing to work with me. I trusted her completely and she delivered 100%. Working with Ann was simple. Efficient and inspiring. My Apartment is gorgeous… magazine worthy and I am just so in love with her creation. Every inch of my apartment is finished. 


Working with her team was a joy as well. Julie kept me informed the entire time. I was also amazed at the speed in which HH completed this project. Not one delay. As a lawyer and business owner myself, I appreciated Ann’s command of laying out budgets, design proposals, and timelines. Her clear communication was also matched by her kindness. HH is top of the line. 5 star and I would recommend to anyone considering her talents to hire HH now!” 

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