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"It'll never work!"

Our clients had bought a one bedroom apartment on a beautiful street in the 7th arrondissement with a great view of the Eiffel Tower.  The only problem was, they wanted to make it two bedrooms. As is often the case with Paris apartments, we were challenged by load bearing walls, evacuation pipes and wasted space. 


We hit the drawing board and tried to manipulate the space in as many different configurations as possible, finally landing on one that placed the kitchen on the entrance wall to the living room/dining room, and closed off part of that room to create a 2nd bedroom.  When we presented the plan, both the client’s local manager and our contractor got together to reject the plan and tell us that it was “impossible” – which we’ve learned is often the first answer to almost any question in France!  But luckily the client was on our side, and with a little prodding, adjusting, negotiating and insisting, we got our way and the plan was approved.

Screenshot (156) - Copy.png

I know we have a lot of “favorite” projects but this was one where perseverance held out and proved that if you believe in it, fight for it.  Because when you’re passionate about something and persuasive enough to win the argument, you just might get yourself one of the prettiest apartments in Paris!

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