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As a full-service interior design company, we offer several levels of service to deliver a perfectly furnished and renovated apartment that meets your dreams and needs.

If you have the dream but not the apartment, we’ll work with some of our resources to help you find it.  We are not realtors so we will not be part of the transaction.  But we have a great network of realtors, especially our friends at Paris Perfect Buyers, who know the market inside out.  We're happy to weigh in with our thoughts on the investment, meet with our contractor to give you an informed opinion on the scope of work and accompany you along the way. 

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If you have the apartment, and it needs a renovation, our first task will be to hear about your dreams and goals are and then match you up with one of our contractors to do the job.  Based on an extensive questionnaire, we will provide a plan for the renovation, an estimate for the contractor costs as well as our fees to oversee the job. We will accompany you throughout the entire process, offering weekly visits, liaising with the contractor and providing you with updates to help deliver the project on time and on budget. 

Along with construction management and renovation, we will provide interior design services to furnish your home from soup to nuts.  We are especially attuned to challenges you may experience with a big gap between current European design and what you are accustomed to. We have spent years sourcing upholstery and furnishings that are higher, wider and more comfortable than what is readily available on the European market because we know our clients’ needs.  


Our specialty is knowing the ins and outs of renovations and helping you with the hurdles of doing it in a foreign country.  European renovations are tricky and there are lots of hidden rules and constraints that we know will throw our Anglo clients.  We speak your language, figuratively and literally.  Having a person on the ground who understands these differences and can work around them is a big bonus. We know because we learned the hard way!

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