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 Have you thought about where your are sourcing your furniture? And how is it being stored before it’s delivered?  Who is delivering it and who is there to receive it on the multiple days that it arrives?  Will it fit through the staircase? Does it need to come through the balcony ? Have you gotten permission from City Hall to make that happen? Who will hang the curtains? Who will receive and hang the mirrors, the chandeliers, the paintings? And what about the bedding, the kitchen supplies, the accessories? How do you pay for this if you don’t have a French bank account?


While we appreciate much euro-based design, we know that the sizes and proportions can be a challenge if you’re not accustomed to low beds, hard sofas, small pillows, low coffee tables, modern lighting and smaller everything.  We have spent years sourcing with our clients in mind to find furnishings that will feel more familiar and comfortable.  We also love the history of our beautiful surroundings in Europe and like to incorporate this into our homes, with a mix of antique pieces sprinkled with modernity and function.  That mix of old and new, along with a love of art, is what sets our interiors apart and what we believe creates an elegant and livable environment in the homes that we design.

The attention to design and the countless details that go along with it, are the things that we, at Huff Harrington Paris,  think about all the time and take care of for you.  We’re here because we’ve been in your shoes and we know we can help you through the process.  And we are passionate about doing just that.

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