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Our story may be similar to yours: We visited Paris a few times, fell in love with the city and started dreaming about owning our own pied-a-terre. When that dream became a reality, we decided to help others who shared the same dreams.  These are the stories. 


C'est impossible!

What happens when you persist against the common expression, "C'est impossible"? You get your dream apartment!

Off market win

One of our favorite projects is ongoing and happened completely by accident.  When we learned that some clients were in town looking for an apartment with some very specific requests, we contacted an agent off an ad that seemed perfect...


A California couple contacted us to recreate a new apartment in the same style of the one we had done for them previously. The problem? They hadn't found a new apartment yet!


Thanks to a little rose and some accidentally famous pink chairs!

How did we get into this?

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